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Improving Form and Function With Invisalign®

The days when metal braces were the only option to straighten and align teeth are over. Now both teens and adults can take advantage of Invisalign technology when they are patients at Lompoc Family Dental.

Dr. Dudley provides Invisalign for teens and adults. Adults love Invisalign because they can have their teeth straightened while still going to work or simply going about their daily routines without the inconvenience of metal braces. Rather than a mouth full of wires and brackets, they wear clear aligners.

Teens with Invisalign are especially happy with them. It’s an exciting time and no one wants metal braces that diminish their appearance! Invisalign clear aligners won’t interfere with any of your favorite activities.

Discreet Smile Straightening from Home

Invisalign is a clear-aligner treatment—a transparent, plastic form of braces that correct tooth alignment. To fit you for your aligners, Dr. Dudley uses an iTero scanner that creates a 3D image of your teeth and jaws. The aligners are custom-created for you, including being custom-trimmed to fit your gum line to make sure they fit comfortably.

You wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours a day for optimal results, taking them out to eat, and to brush your teeth. Every 2 weeks or so, you’ll change aligners as your teeth move into their correct position. We’ll schedule checkups for you at 6-week intervals so Dr. Dudley can check your progress. You’ll also pick up your next sets of aligners at these appointments. When you first change aligners, you might feel some slight pressure or soreness as your teeth adjust to the new aligners.