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Dental Patient Reviews

What our Lompoc Patients Have to Say!

I don’t even know where to begin – but let’s say that the experience with Dr. Dane Dudley was the best on two continents. Highly professional, kind, calm, funny, and always ready to explain what was going on and why – it couldn’t get any better. He took excellent care of me and did something no other dentist has ever managed in my life, he understood my almost pathological fear of dentists and managed to take this fear away. I can only highly recommend Dr. Dudley – his future patients will be very, very lucky to have him.

- Petra

From the start, Dr. Dudley’s easy going nature and friendliness allowed me to discuss my concerns about the extensive dental work I needed done (sinus lift, implants, gum grafts). He is confident and skilled, and I never once worried about anything while under his care. I mean, if you read all the awful things that can happen from a sinus lift (exaggerations, mostly) you really have to trust the person who is performing oral surgery on you!

One example of what I liked: Dr. Dudley is very good at checking in on you throughout your procedures. Some dentists seem to forget there’s a patient behind the mouth they’re working on, but not him. He wants you to be comfortable and feel safe. After the procedure, he’ll follow up with you to make sure you’re doing well. Ultimately, I’m very happy with the progress Dr. Dudley made on all that dental work I had been putting off.

- Rachel

I highly recommend Dane Dudley DDS as a dentist.

My previous experience with dentists, especially my last dentist, had been uncomfortable and frustrating. Dr. Dudley is the first dentist to take the time to clearly explain to me why I was having such severe problems with my gums, and how it was impacting the bone in my jaws. Rather than just recommending deep cleaning at regular intervals and treating one tooth at a time, Dr. Dudley showed me what all the possible treatment options were for fixing the problem and avoiding any further damage in the future and the pros and cons of each.

Not only did Dr. Dudley do a great job at explaining what needed to be done, but he also listened to all my concerns, answered all of my questions, and made certain that I was comfortable every step of the way during the treatment plan.

- Jose

I have recently spent a year going through very complicated dental surgeries. Dr. Dane Dudley performed all of these. His brilliant diagnosis enabled me to have these surgeries with fantastic results. His kind, gentle, and confident manner made it possible for me to get through this. I am forever grateful to this gifted doctor.

- John

I am grateful for Lompoc Family Dental. Linda is there to welcome you in with a smile. Denise took good care of me during my x-rays. Jamie gave me an incredible teeth cleaning and was is personable. Doctor Dudley is an amazing dentist. He makes you feel very welcomed into his practice and you feel like family. I noticed how he goes the extra mile to make his patients feel comfortable and warmly welcomed. The practice itself is clean and decorated nicely. The employees are thorough, kind and they take their time with you. I highly suggest going to Doctor Dudley for all your dental needs, you will be taken care of thoroughly and efficiently. Thank you Lompoc Family Dental! I am looking forward to my next visit.

- Caitlin